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Tax Calculator

To enable more users access to the service we now have the ability to issue a monthly allowance of tax rate pulls for a monthly fee. Contact us at if you're exceeding the daily rate on this tool.

You can now access this tool via an API. Head here to see documentation. is a locator for the State of Colorado that provides standard sales tax rates as well as use tax rates for vehicle sales. By clicking "GET TAXES" below you agree to's Terms of Use.

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This tax calculation tool is specifically for determining tax for the sale of automobiles in Colorado. It cannot be used for any state other than Colorado.

How to Use

1. Enter the address for the address you want to get taxes for, and then click GET TAXES.
2. Your address will be checked and the tax rates will show up below. If you'd like to print, then click the printer icon in the top right corner.
3. If you'd like to calculate a dollar amount of taxes due, then enter that amount in the "Taxable Sale" field. You can also enter a customer and vehicle reference to print on the final PDF.

How It Works takes the entered address and converts it into geographic coordinates which it then compares against a database filled with regions for counties, cities, RTD, Scientific & Cultural areas, and other special district areas, and then calculates taxes based off of the taxes for each region the coordinates are in. It uses advanced logic to take into account whether the taxed jurisdiction collects that tax on automobiles, whether it has a different tax for automobiles, or whether that tax is exclusively collected on automobiles.

Disclaimer is not a perfect system. It's been compared against over 1,000 accurately determined random addresses and correctly detected every tax rate, however there are certain areas in Colorado that do not specify the bounds of taxation for certain special district taxes and so there may sometimes be errors in the data. Dealr, Inc. offers this information on an "AS IS" basis and does not guarantee accuracy or completeness of the information provided here.

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By clicking on the "GET TAXES" button or by submitting the form you accept the following statements as a condition of your access to this site operated by Dealr, Inc.

Dealr, Inc. provides access to this information without charge or cost to you. While Dealr, Inc. attempts to provide and maintain accurate, current information through this site, due to a variety of factors, such as rapidly changing tax rates, regulations, demographic information and jurisdictional boundaries, Dealr, Inc. offers this information on an "AS IS" basis and does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information provided here.

Dealr, Inc. does not provide tax advice; you bear full responsibility to confirm the accuracy and determine the applicability of the information presented on this site. You should consult a professional tax adviser to confirm, interpret and apply current tax information applicable to your individual situation. Neither Dealr, Inc. nor any of the suppliers or providers of information through this site bear any liability for the information you can access at this site, and you agree not to bring any claim or suit based on information we provide here.


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Taxes in Common

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